Financial Planning for Long-Term Success in a Massage Workplace

Find Massage Programs in the United States and Canada. Because there is a growing number of healing arts schools that offer massage programs,Massage Programs: Which One is Right for You? Articles it is important to determine which massage modality best suits your interests. As the field of massage therapy is constantly evolving, students pursuing an education in massage discover a wide-open spectrum of training opportunities.

One of the more typical massage programs today is comprised of a 300 to 500-hour* foundation course in deep tissue massage, Swedish massage and Sports massage. However, because of stark competition, a number of massage therapy schools have begun integrating a vast array of bodywork techniques within the curricula. For example, some massage programs 구로 안마 may include massage modalities like reflexology, craniosacral therapy, Trigger Point therapy, chair massage, Thai massage, lymphatic drainage massage; infant, prenatal and geriatric massage; and acupressure, among many others. (*Some programs exceed 1,000 hours.)

In addition to practical training in various bodywork therapies, massage programs include education in anatomy, physiology, pathology, business practices, ethics, and CPR and first aid. A number of massage programs are also known to incorporate elective courses in energy healing techniques like Reiki, and other natural health training in aromatherapy, essential oils and flower essences, herbal remedies, hydrotherapy, light therapy, and touch therapy – to name a few.

Typically, massage programs are designed for the professional massage therapist in mind, and most often will meet basic requirements for certification and/or licensure. However, graduates of massage programs are only eligible for National certification if they have achieved a minimum of 500 hours training. To maintain certification and/or licensure, it is essential that practicing massage therapists continue their education. This is one of the many reasons why a number of healing arts institutions has begun offering massage programs specifically for CEUs. (Continuing Education Units)

Successful candidates who have successfully graduated from massage programs, and who have met all requirements for certification can go onto achieving a rewarding career. As the demand for alternative and natural healing therapies continues to grow, so does the demand for qualified massage therapists. Today, an experienced and professional massage therapist can earn well over $32 hourly.

If you (or someone you know) are interested in finding massage programs, let professional training within fast-growing industries like massage therapy, cosmetology, acupuncture, oriental medicine, Reiki, and others get you started! Explore career school programs near you.…

Setting Weight Loss Achievements Instead of Goals

I hate the word “goals” because all I can think of is the stress and feelings of failure when I don’t reach them. I like to make achievement lists instead even when it comes to losing weight. So whether or not you are a “goals” person or more of an achievements person like me,Setting Weight Loss Achievements Instead of Goals Articles here are a few tips.

1. Take a mental picture of what you want to look like when you have lost your weight. Be careful. You want a realistic picture not a wishful picture. No matter how much weight you lose or what you do to yourself, you are not going to look like one of the gorgeous actresses from “Desperate Housewives.” You also aren’t ever going to have the same body you had when you were 18. So paint a realistic picture of yourself as a healthy, fit, and slim you. The keyword here is you. If a dress size 14 is a slim you because of your body build and shape, so be it. Remember it’s not the clothing size. It’s a healthy you at your healthy weight.

2. Set an achievement of pounds of what weight you want to be at. Again, be careful here. You want to pick a weight that is healthy for you at this time in your life. You may have a friend the same age as you that weighs 115 lbs. and you think this will be a good weight for you also, but think again. This weight is healthy for him/her. It doesn’t mean it’s healthy for you because your body is different than his/hers. Your best guide would be to check a weight chart and see what the weight range is for someone of your height and age. Let this be a starting guide at least.

Encircle your wrist with your thumb and middle finger. If your hold is loose, then you have a small frame. If your finger and thumb don’t meet, your frame is large. If they just touch, your frame is medium.
Multiply your height inches above 5 feet by 6. Add 106 to get an average  eca stack results ideal weight in pounds for your height.
This is a rough estimation of your individual ideal weight if your frame is medium.
Subtract 5 pounds from the average weight to get your individual ideal weight if your frame is small.
Add 5 pounds to the average weight to get your individual ideal weight if your frame is large.
Divide your real weight by your individual ideal weight.
If the result is below 1.00 you are underweight.
If the result is between 1.00 and 1.10 your weight is ideal.
If the result is between 1.11 and 1.20, you are marginally overweight.
If the result is between 1.21 and 1.30, you are overweight.
If the result is 1.31 and above, you are obese.

3. Determine how fast you want to lose weight. I advise no more than 2 pounds a week. I only use this as a guide because the more muscle mass you have the more you will weigh, but it won’t be “fat weight.” You will want to pay more attention to inches lost. This is a better indicator. Watch how your clothes fit. If they begin to feel loose, but the scale hasn’t changed, you are doing well because you are losing fat which won’t necessarily show up on the scales. Don’t get in a hurry. You want to lose at a healthy pace for you.

4. Make a mini-achievement list. Start with a daily list with achievements you want to make that day such as; drink one less soft drink today, eat fewer cookies today, eat at least one serving of fruit today, eat an extra vegetable serving today, etc. Making these little mini lists will help you learn to live life healthier and it’s fun to check off each item as you achieve it

The most important thing to remember is starting to live a healthy lifestyle while you are losing your weight so that you learn to maintain a healthy weight while you are losing the excess weight.…

Do you know how to use TB-500? Read On

Warm up sets lubricates the joints helping to ward off injury and also gets oxygen and nutrient rich blood pumping to the muscle group you are working on, warming them up for more weight to be lifted in your work sets and that inevitably means faster muscle growth. The whole reason why you are working out with weights, to get muscle fast from your training routine.
The lighter weights used in warm ups can also help you work on your form, another important rule we went over in an earlier article, without the stress of a heavier weight.
When starting your warm up sets, always begin with a warm up set of the first exercise of the particular muscle group you are working that day. In example, if you are working on your back muscles and your first exercise is barbell rows, do warm up sets of barbell rows first.
Warm up sets and reps, how many? 2 sets of 5-8 reps should be sufficient for your warm ups.
The weight to use while warming up is dependant on your body. The following is only to be used as a guideline. As a guide using 50-60 percent weight of the determined weight in your work set for your first warm up set, then for your second set up the weight 5-10 percent. Remember, you are warming up the muscle group for the actual work set, so you do not wan to fatigue your muscles with warm ups.

Some things to think about:

Make sure to do your warm ups before any work sets.
Sometimes it is not necessary to do two sets t hero of warm up for the same muscle group exercises. If you did two warm up sets for your first exercise, the bench press and your next exercise inclined bench press, then you would only do one prep set, because your working the same muscles.
Let your body determine what weight is sufficient for warm ups.

Remember, you are warming up not doing the actual work set. Be careful not to make your warm up set become part of your workout as this is counter productive due to the fact that if your muscles are already fatigued you will lack the intensity and concentration you need for your work set, thus, no muscle gain.Done properly, warm up sets will get your mind and body prepared for the actual work sets. It will set the concentration and focus plus get your muscles prepared for an intense workout and that is what any training routine needs to get muscle fast! Remember the mind body connection see and feel the intensity as you work. There is much more detail on this subject and I wish it was possible to cover in this article but time and room do not allow me. Well, for another time.…